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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a harrowing night for a 7- year-old in prince george's county, but police come to the rescue. >> now arctic air rolls into the metro saturday. clouds come back sunday. we've issued a yellow alert for monday morning freezing rain. >> investigators on two continents are digging into the backgrounds for three frenchmen responsible for the deadly terrorist attacks in and around paris. >> reporter: it was in this montgomery county parking lot where a deal was made with an undercover cop to ill can the mother of his child -- to kill the mother of his child.
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a sad ending after two police officers jump into a frozen pond to rescue a child. thanks for joining us on your friday. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. in the past 15 minutes we learned a 7-year-old pulled from the icy waters by two prince george's county officers this evening has died. >> it happened at a pond in the 1500 block of south view drive and oxon hill. that's where jim osman has more on the dramatic rescue, certainly not the outcome any of us were hoping for, devastating. >> reporter: what a all right breaker. it looked like -- what a heartbreaker. it looked like it was going to end up the story of two hero cops, but tonight a sad ending. a 7-year-old struggled for his life in the 1500 block of south view drive in oxon hill. >> one of our officers was flagged down by a mother who said her child fell into the pond. >> reporter: a frigid friday night didn't make conditions great for the responding officers. >> those two officers
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immediately took action, jumped into the pond in an attempt to rescue the child. they successfully pulled the child out of the pond, performed cpr and waited for paramedics. >> reporter: the 7-year-old was rushed to a nearby hospital. the officers were taken as well as a precaution. >> it's one of the things this job you really never know what's going to happen day to day, just glad the officers were in the area, had the presence of mind to, you know, jump into the water without thinking, quickly treat the kid or treat the child and take action. >> reporter: now repeating our breaking news tonight, the 7- year-old child pulled from this pond tonight, pulled from the pond by two police officers was taken to a local hospital, has now been pronounced dead. reporting live from prince george's county, jim osman, wusa9 news. >> our thoughts are certainly with the family tonight. thank you. temperatures meantime will dip down to the single digits
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in some part of our town tonight. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with the forecast. >> we have brand-new arctic air rolling in tonight and tomorrow. these are current temps, not wind chills, 29 downtown, 23 in gaithersburg, 27 in leesburg, 20 in hagerstown, down to 19 in cumberland. here's a look at your wakeup weather. 8:00 in the morning it's only 10 in getburg, 16 downtown, 12 in manassas, may want to postpone that jog. by continue a.m. we're at least in the low to mid--- 10 a.m. we're at least in the low to mid-teens in the suburbs, lunchtime upper teens, low 20s. looking at a cold dry weekend, sunday pretty good day, clouds increase sunday night and then morning freezing rain monday. we've already issued a yellow alert. the commute could be a mess. new data coming into the weather office now. i'm changing the critical times. it is nearly dawn in france where the search goes on for a
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fourth suspect in the series of terror attacks. three frenchman linked to this week's shooting on rampage in paris newspaper were killed by french police today after taking hostages at two separate locations. tonight investigators are looking into their background and any possible connections to international terror. french assault police opened fire on the two most wanted men in france this afternoon ending a seven-hour standoff and three days of terror. brothers said and cherif kouachi the gunmen behind the attack on a paris newspaper had holed up inside a printing plant north of paris. security forces quickly surrounded the plant and locked down the town, but their plans for a standoff with the cops was undermined by a plant employee hiding in the building and talking with law enforcement. at sundown the police moved in and both brothers were killed. prosecutors say they had a
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rocket propelled grenade and several guns. meanwhile at a kosher grocery a man identified as amedy coulibaly had shot and killed four people inside and threatened to kill more if police attacked the kouachi brothers. the french media say the police tapped into the store security cameras and had been communicating with a hostage who was hiding inside a refrigerator. at dusk police moved in on the grocery store with is up grenades and gunfire and kuhel -- stun grenades and gunfire and coulibaly was killed trying to run away. authorities say coulibaly and the kouachi brothers knew each other and had ties to terror groups. they're trying to learn more about those connections and if any more attacks are planned. coulibaly claimed he coordinated his attack with the kouachi brothers and that he was serving isis, not al-qaeda. police are still looking for coulibaly's girl friend considered a suspect in the attacks. meantime president obama says he is hopeful the
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immediate threat posed by terrorists in paris has now been resolved but says the french government continues to face the threat of terrorism. >> and in the streets of paris the world has seen once again what terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering and we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings. >> late today the u.s. state department issued a global travel warning for americans abroad citing the recent terror attacks in france, australia and canada. cbs news confirmed retired general and former cia director david petraeus could be hit with felony charges. both the fbi and federal prosecutors are recommending petraeus be charged with providing classified information to his former mistress while he was running the cia. paula broadwell brought a biography of petraeus and a search of her computer turned up a substantial number of classified documents. tonight a lawyer for petraeus would not comment.
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before tip-off police determined a threat of violence directed at a local high school basketball game tonight was not credible, but security was extra tight out of an abundance of caution. charles flower high in springdale hosted north western high. there was no trouble. the school districts say a student posted a note on twitter last night claiming there would be violence at tonight's game. >> elijah didn't come to school today. >> reporter: because of that? >> yeah. the principal contacted the parents and apparently they got the dude and everything was safe right now. >> reporter: you feel safe? >> yeah. i feel safe. >> i feel safe. we got god on our side. >> yeah. >> authorities tracked down the student. the school says he will face disciplinary action and police are considering criminal charges. another teenager is under arrest charged with carrying a dangerous weapon into a d.c. police station. detectives say 18-year-old deangelo lap ton was speaking with an -- hamilton was speaking with an officer last
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night inside the fifth district station on bladensburg road in northeast when he reach ed for a firearm in his pants. that officer and another officer wrestled the weapon away. it was a black replica pistol. hamilton was charged in a carjacking that took place earlier in the night on webster place. a montgomery county cyber security expert pled guilty to a murder for hire job. >> mola lenghi tells us that man wanted the mother of his child dead. >> reporter: a man prosecutors say you would not have expected it from, a montgomery county phd tried to hire a hitman in this parking lot. little did he know he was hiring an undercover police officer. indoke enou walked into a montgomery county tire store last summer, but he was there to buy a hitman, not tires, and he knew a guy at the store. >> he felt he metrod an individual who had alleged contacts with the underworld,
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whether that was drug contacts or violent contacts, he thought he could be put in contact with a hitman. >> reporter: the state attorney spokesman said he now felt she had become a burden costing him money and his job as a cyber security specialist. the conversation was overheard by a police informant who later introduced enou to an undercover officer posing as a hitman. this is enou in an undercover vehicle describing the mother of his child. >> what's her name? >> gloria. >> you want to drive up there and show me? >> i don't want her to see my car. >> reporter: he showed him pictures and described what he wanted done to her. >> two things here. she will never talk. she will never walk, be about 6 feet under or in a wheelchair.
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were he offered $100,000 $1,000 for the hit offering $300 up front. typically is there a lot more money offered up on a person's life? >> it just depends. we've seen much more in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: minutes after paying he was swarmed and arrested by montgomery county police. >> he's a man who presents well. he's very well spoken and very well educated with a phd. he had a career track. this is an individual that you think would have his act together. >> reporter: the mother of the child and child were unharmed, are said to be okay. enou and prosecutors agreed on a 20 year prison sentence, although next month a judge could decide on a 15 year prison sentence if enou has good behavior while he's in prison. in montgomery county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. tonight a woman of the cloth is behind cold steel bars. the second highest ranking
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episcopal bishop in maryland is in jail charged with manslaughter and a whole lot more in a deadly hit and run. bishop heather cook turned herself into baltimore police after charges were filed today and prosecutors say cook hit and killed a cyclist december 27th, left the scene and came back a half hour later. her blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit and she was texting when she hit bicyclist tom palermo from behind in a bike lane. if convicted, cook faces up to 10 years. there will be no gag order in the jesse matthew case. matthew is the suspect in the murder of uva student hannah graham. he's set to go on trial on attempted murder and sex assault charges stemming from a 2005 attack in fairfax county. today the judge rejected math new's attorney's request for a gag order. -- matthew's attorney's request for a gag order. >> we oppose the gag order because i think it is important for the public to have access to information about how the process works. i think it appropriate moments
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confidence in the court -- promotes confidence in the courts. i think our judges and lawyers on both sides of the fence do a good job and the public is well served if they can have access to that. >> the judge did grant a defense attorney's request to hire a dna expert. court documents show a dna link with matthew from a fingernail scraping when the alleged victim fought off her attacker. tonight it's looking less likely mcfaddens will be pouring drinks soon. the foggy bottom bar was shut down after five people were stabbed in the place two days after christmas and at a hearing today d.c.'s alcohol control board extended the liquor license suspension. the chairman of the neighborhood advisory is on record staying mcfaddens will stay closed for good. tourists getting more than they bargained for at gadby's museum. a pipe burst flooding the
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historic building. this thing was built way back in 1785. the tavern had seen the like of george washington and james madison walking through the halls. staff and volunteers did what they could to stem the damage. >> we are looking to a frozen pipe as a likely cause of the damage. >> nobody hurt, no word on the extent of water damage or exact cause of it. the brew see. 's ice well, a precursor -- the museum's ice well, a precursor to the modern day freezer, was run dry. the restaurant was not damaged. coming up reaction to the president's machine to provide a free college education to any american. >> also ahead incredible video from a 150 vehicle pile-up, yeah. that's on a u.s. interstate in the snow. we'll tell you more. >> but up next the cdc says most doctors are
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with the flu widespread in 46 states the centers for disease control is urging more doctors to prescribe anti-viral medicines to treat the virus. the cdc sent out an alert today to doctors advising the prompt use of tamiflu or other anti- virals for flu patients.
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the cdc claims the drugs reduce hospitalizations and complications from the flu. researchers have said there's not good evidence that that's true. tonight we're learning more about president obama's controversial plan to provide free community college education to any american. >> we first told you about the proposal last night and today the president was in tennessee unveiling what he's calling america's college promise. the plan would make the first two years of community college free for full time and halftime students who maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. it's a welcome idea for students in montgomery college in rockville. >> even though it's a community college classes are still at a high price. education should be something that's actually free or like available for most people. >> it would be great because the money that we're spending right now in our first years of college we can save it to go to the university. >> the white house says the program would cost $60 billion
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over 10 years. that would be paid for using both federal and state money. details on how the president plans to come up with the cash will be released sometime next month, but republicans and the gop controlled house say the dollars aren't there. a showdown between congress and the white house over the keystone pipeline is expected to come to a head next week. a bill authorizing the construction of the oil pipeline passed the house today and the u.s. senate is expected to do the same next week. also today nebraska's highest court tossed out a lawsuit challenging the route of the pipeline through the state. the white house says the decision does not change president obama's intention to veto the bill. now more amazing video, this is a 150 car pileup on a snow covered stretch of highway. >> watch out, watch out. >> yeah. when they tell you stay home if you, can they really mean it. this 4-mile stretch of interstate 94 in michigan turned into a disaster zone.
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at least one trucker was killed. two dozen people were hurt. it was 1 collision after another. several vehicles burst into flames including a truck that was hauling fireworks and another one carrying a cargo of acid. cops say the drivers were just going too fast for these terrible driving conditions. there's been some relief for drivers and homeowners in the bethesda neighborhood. a water main break on wilson lane between river road and algonquin avenue is fixed. water service has been restored. the roads have been reopened. that break happened before 9:00 lastgh nit. these repairs took longer than normal because it's so cold and nasty out there. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> that would be the worst job right now. >> they said they couldn't find one of the valves because the ice and snow was covering over it. >> we should thank all the firefighters and police officers working now. >> absolutely. unfortunately there's more arctic air tonight, tomorrow
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and we're still issuing a yellow alert for monday. i moved the time up a bit on the freezing rain. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 42 today which is spot on average. down to 29 already at national, low to mid-20s in the burbs. the dew point is in the single digits, so a very dry air mass, winds north, northwest at 12. it will be breezy tonight and through the morning hours saturday. sunny but very cold tomorrow. the good news is breezes will subside in the afternoon. not bad on sunday. in fact, sunday will remind you of today which wasn't bad outside of the wind. some afternoon high clouds come in, pretty good, though. freezing rain now still on tap for the morning commute on monday. just get ready to set your alarms earlier. the critical times now, 2 a.m. to about 10 a.m. this is not a classic ice storm situation, but it is going to cause problems for the morning commute. just keep that in mind. 8:00 tomorrow morning it's
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barely out of the single digits in gaithersburg. it's 10. it's 11 in frederick and 8 in hagerstown. these are actual temperatures. by lunchtime mid- to upper teens north and west. by 5:00 still in the low to mid- 20s under clear skies. by 9:00 temps fall quickly tomorrow. by midnight we're looking at temperatures in the mid-teens pretty much across the board with upper teens down into southern maryland. so futurecast, look ahead now, sunday evening 7:30, clouds in place and then by 8:30 a lot of clouds. look what happens. by 2:30, see the magenta? that is freezing rain and maybe a little sleet, but mainly a freezing rain event for us monday morning. day planner, this is downtown temps, 17 at 9:00, 19 at 11:00, 23 at 1:00 with full sun. next three days, not bad sunday. clouds come in late, 38, freezing rain overnight sunday and freezing rain monday.
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we're looking at temperatures making it to 40 late in the day monday. next seven days we'll keep it dry tuesday, could be an early snowflake early tuesday, other than that dry. snow showers possible wednesday, thursday, models all over the place with that system and still cold on friday of next week. man, those wizards. >> john wall playing, nickname ballatician on a mission. >> you give everybody that nickname. >> it always fits. if you haven't been to a wizards game lately, you got to go. the electricity is back in the verizon center and john wall is the reason, another jaw dropping performance by the usain bolt
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> john wall and derrick rose, both guys come from the calipari school of point guarding, fast, furious, aggressive. these two guys are like unabashed greyhoundses who -- greyhounds who don't have a
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throttle switch. john wall, this brother was serving up more dishes than wolfgang puck. 12 dimes for him tonight. back to beal who tells kirk i'm part of the formula 4 so 9 team. i'm cleaning the glass. wizards up by 15. back to wall, i told you he was the dime dropper of the neighborhood and rasual butler is like 7-eleven tonight, always open, no one guarding. one of the questions scot mccloughlan will need to answer real soon, how does he feel about robert griffin, iii. they want robert to succeed, makes sense, but does mccloughlan feel guys like griffin can succeed? here's what i mean. as we know, teams have been more willing to start guys like griffin in the last couple years, qbs who need work in the
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pocket but make up for it with great running skills. so i asked can you win consistently with guys like that and where he thinks robert is in his development. take a listen. >> you can win. i don't know about longevity just because quarterbacks are taking so many more hits now a days. the thing with robert is the fact i really don't know yet. last time i saw him play live he was at bay. it's an ongoing process, but i'm -- at baylor. it's an ongoing process, but i'm looking for positives, same with him, same with kurt, same with colt. >> i say of course, the ravens have a shot against new england, but on paper the patriots should win, but the ravens have this uncanny ability to play poorly and still win and more importantly, they ain't scared of new england. that's for sure. >> we've been there, done that. we've done it a lot. when you're going into a game with a football mvp quarterback
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and guys like dumervil and terrell suggs, haloti ngata, we got him back, guys experienced in the playoffs before who have been in these tough environments before, it's nothing new. we just have to come in and play raven ball. time for our game of the week, 70,000 plus votes, basketball, prince george's county, ch flowers versus northwest. you know i love this stuff. northwestern, how about an alley-oop from the sideline. jared warren to david bell, school's in. bell, ding ding ding. he had 32. wildcats going inside to jamison for the bucket and the foul. northwestern with the lead, but here comes flowers fighting back, tyreke campbell with the scoop to the hoop. jags force overtime and win it 73-70 tonight, good stuff for the start of our game of the week. here's next week's game. text the code you want to 25543. look at the game and code next to it. text that code to 25543.
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great high school basketball, great pro basketball. it's all
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that's our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody. >> bye bye.
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